writing and the spiritual journey

Writing and the Spiritual Journey

You don't need to be a novelist or even keep a journal to use writing to support your inner journey. There is something transformative and freeing about putting pen to paper and allowing your feelings to flow through the pen. Something magical happens. Wisdom often shows up. Surprising creativity abounds. The key is to allow the flow to happen without your Inner Critic rising to the fore and questioning your ability — even your right to write!

Writing opens deep knowing.
It releases unexpected wells.
It offers you insight into a you who you may not suspect existed.

Writing on the spiritual journey can be used for many things:

  • Finding Your Life's Purpose
  • Memoir
  • Writing to Heal
  • Connecting to the voice of True Self
  • Prayer
  • Wisdom
  • Hearing your heart speak...

"Thank you for the step into magic shadow world of the me who can write about things she does not know she knows and then be amazed at all she can learn from herself." ~Jen Simson

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