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"Emily meets you right where you are in your human/creative process. She sees in you what you might ignore. Emily introduces, or re-introduces, you to your creative side. And she shows you how to nurture, honor, and respect it — as well as yourself." ~Audrey Gula


"In each of us flows a river, pooling at times into a sea, other times running swift, gathering and surging, this water of the soul is neither channeled nor bound by a neat "process." Yet there are means, or a least knowings, recognitions, by which it may be transformed. This is Emily's genius." ~Kurt Blankmeyer



Creativity and Spirituality: Life Coaching

Are you a creative woman or man looking to deepen your spiritual journey?

Are you pursuing your creative passions and find yourself dissatisfied with your progress?

Have you fallen victim to a loud, nasty inner critic who is blocking progress in your creative and personal life?

Are you looking for a personal coach who understands the specific challenges that you, as a creative woman or man, face as you struggle to find your place in the world and the path that your heart yearns to follow?

My Creativity and Spirituality Coaching Is Designed for You!

I understand creative people and the creative personality because I struggled mightily to reclaim my creativity. I can recall quite vividly the very moment, many years ago, when I realized I was creative. I was reading a book about creative people and a light suddenly went on. I remember saying to myself, "Oh, that's what's wrong with me. I'm creative!"

In time, I realized that being creativity is precisely what is right about me!

I love working with creative people. I find us fascinating, challenging and inspiring. I know what makes us tick. I understand our yearnings and our fears. I know how to support, challenge and inspire you so that your creativity expands and becomes the wellspring of your life.

Creativity Is In All of Us, Not Just the Gifted Few

Although at its core, creativity is a mystery, the creative process is knowable, and we can use it as a template for living a more fulfilling, aware, meaningful life. If allowed, the cycles of creativity become the enduring flow of our lives, bringing with them the freedom to live life sourced from your passions instead of your fears – from your life’s true purpose rather than from your ego’s vision of security and prosperity.

This is the journey I offer through my coaching program and through all the programs on Creative Soul Works.

© Emily Hanlon, 2015

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