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Creativity Coach, Emily Hanlon

I have been guiding people on the creative journey for thirty years through private coaching on the phone and in person, workshops, and my ten day retreats for women held in the US and Europe. My own spiritual journey includes extensive work in personal transformation. I have worked with spiritual and shamanic mentors and healers in the US, England and Peru.

"The journey I have taken with Emily is the most valuable experience of my adult life. Emily invited me into this place where I dare to peel away my defenses, a little at a time, until what is left is the core of what makes me me. The only reason I know that this part of me exists is because Emily encouraged, cajoled, and strengthened me to trust her, follow her down the path to my creativity and then she stood aside and let me try it on my own." ~ Linda Rizzotto

I have seven works of fiction published, including Petersburg, which reached the Best Seller's list in England. In addition, my book, The Art of Fiction Writing or How to Fall Down the Rabbit Hole Without Really Trying, explores how to defang your inner critic so you can leave the conscious mind and write from the imagination and the passionate core of the the writer in you. I have written many articles on creativity and the creative process and have been published in Writer's Digest. In addition, I am a Wisdom Teacher leading the group, Women, Creativity and the Journey of Soul at Soulfulliving.com.

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